On Your Marks            

Welcome to ZR Racing! We are an auto parts and performance establishment looking to help you go faster! Ok, I promise that this whole blog isn’t going to be some sales pitch to get you into the store. In fact, I wanted to talk about the physical store itself in this blog. Start going over how myself and my crew went from a bunch of guys with a specific hobby, to making that passion our full time careers. It’s a pretty long and eventful story, but I’ll try to boil it down to just the highlights in hopes of keeping you interested. My ultimate goal with this space is to just share my story, and you never know, someone with a similar idea of turning their passion into a full time gig could find a bit of useful information here to help them with their own realizations.

The crew, which is about four of us, have known each other since we were racing around in diapers with bottles hanging out of our mouths. We’re from a small town where everyone knows everyone, and our mothers all hung out just like us after them. We would see each other at all events, and eventually grow into our own little adventure machines growing up. Out investigating the woods, sharing ghosts stories, camping, all sorts of the small town Americana you may think of in our own personal coming of age stories. It was a good time, there wasn’t a whole lot of bad things that I can think of looking back. Sure your typical small town issues, and some people we didn’t like or didn’t like us while coming up, but it was what it was.

We really started to come into our hobby though when it came to our bikes. These were the first things we got underneath us that showed us how fast the world could go, and also the first things we learned to tune and tweak to get that little extra bit of speed out of. For us, it wasn’t about flash so much as it was about never coming across the finish line second. As we grew up we became part of various clubs that had anything to do with mobility, and eventually started our own soap box derby team. That feeling, sitting in the garage until late at night, looking at everything from shape to tire size ratio, testing it out on the local hill for hours every single weekend.

We won the first derby we entered, and we never looked back. This was one of the long running jokes when it came to never installing any rear-view mirrors, who was behind us was never the thought, it was simply that they were behind us. From soap box cars, came our first actual cars, and the skills we learned before were put into use in a much more productive way. Learning everything we could about engines and car parts, and never looking back.

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