Get Set            

In my first post I began talking about the beginnings myself and my crew had growing up, and left off right when the full tilt of our passions began to take over. The first cars that sat in our driveways. Now, mind you, these weren’t racing machines to start off with. Some of the vehicles that have graced our driveways were nothing more than K cars, but we had vision. We always looked at every car we got as a means to an end. We would get these cars for cheap, tune them up with our own know how, add more parts, and eventually turn them over at a much better price than what we invested. And with each of these, the cars that started to show up in our driveways got better and better.

We all seemed to have the ideal car in mind, the one that we wanted to get a hold of more than any other. I was the third in line to attain mine, but I can’t explain the feeling of exuberance I was under when I finally did. The hours I spent in the driveway, in the garage when my parents were out for the weekend. Half of my senior year was spent under the hood so that by the time senior prom rolled around, I knew I would have the best ride possible to pull up at school with. It took all my savings, all my spare time, much to the chagrin of the girl I was seeing at the time, but I knew it would all be worth it when I pulled in to the school parking lot with the sweetest ride in town.

Unfortunately my girlfriend at the time didn’t agree, because she wound up going with a member of the football time, while I rode solo. I still had the sweetest car in town though, so I wasn’t too broken up about it. It wasn’t the first time that my preference for being under the hood would affect my real life, but all in all I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out, and I’m pretty sure that those people who’ve passed in my life are doing alright themselves, so I can’t worry too much over something in the past. I knew that working on cars would be my future, I just needed to find a way in. So I enrolled in a local apprenticeship program.

See, by this time I already had hundreds of hours of wrench time in, but that doesn’t really count when all people want to see is your certification. I’m sure shady enough people could just lie about it, but that lie would quickly come to the surface after you had any work done. But I enjoyed my apprenticeship, and I got to learn a whole lot more about cars, so it was all good for me. Other members of the crew went off in different directions, but all roads led to Rome I guess.

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