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What I meant by all roads leading to Rome, was that it all came back to everyone working in the same shop. All of us, with our similar passions and ideas, winding up in the same place, doing the same work, with the same friends. It wasn’t immediate though, we had a few setbacks to get past before we just opened our doors to the public, the first of which being the fact that we didn’t have any doors of our own. I was working for a local garage, another was working in an accounting firm because he’s parents were a little too micromanaging of his life, another was working at a car dealership in sales, so close enough I suppose? And my last crew member was working for Citadel Roof, this will come into play later.

We spent many nights, witting and drinking beer around our cars until the late hours, talking about how awesome it would be to open our own spot. The idea initially came about in terms of straight auto mechanics, but quickly blossomed to encompass all sorts of other services. It wasn’t until a few months of these brainstorming sessions that we finally got hit with the idea of doing a parts and performance garage. There wasn’t one in our area, in fact, the nearest one was a few hours drive. Ourselves and everyone else we knew in the racing scene had to either order online and take a gamble, or drive all the way out there to ensure you were getting the right parts.

It was an epiphany moment where we all kind of fell silent in agreement, and you could almost hear the gears turning in everyone’s heads. We sat in this quiet contemplation for a bit before all kind of simultaneously agreeing that it was what we were going to do. After pooling money together, and taking out various loans, we found an old garage in a great spot to turn into our shop. There, of course was some work to be done to make it our own, but this is where the Citadel Roof part comes in, that particular team member is a wizard with a hammer, nails, and the right materials.

We spent a year putting our own time into it. Our own look, ordering our own parts, forming our own relationships, and then all respectively saying goodbye to our own jobs in the process of heading towards our dream. And man, did it ever start off on the wrong foot. We didn’t expect to get the influx of people we did. Backorders, catalogue errors, you name it, it was a catastrophe. But just like any engine problem, you tackle one issue at a time, and then soon, everything is purring like a kitten. We’ve had the shop now for about four years, and it’s coming along great. We have steady customers, and even work shows for the local race tracks, making it much easier for them to get parts. It was a dream, but we drove headlong into it, and never looked back.

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